the films of Tim Burton, animating live action in contemporary hollywood
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About the Author: ALISON McMAHAN

Alison McMahan Alison McMahan, Ph.D., is the author of the award-winning book ALICE GUY BLACHÉ, LOST CINEMATIC VISIONARY (Continuum 2002), based on her award-winning Ph.D. thesis, as well as THE FILMS OF TIM BURTON: ANIMATING LIVE ACTION IN HOLLYWOOD (Continuum 2005).

Dr. McMahan has published widely on early cinema topics and done research for documentaries on early cinema such as The Lost Garden: The Life and Work of Alice Guy Blaché, (1995 National Film Board of Canada, dir. Marquise Lepage), for the Emmy-award winning Into the Light "State of the Arts" Series, New Jersey Network, 1995 Produced by David Davidson, Hudson West Productions, aired New Jersey Network, October 15, 1996. She was interviewed as an early cinema expert and did research for the documentary on early woman filmmakers Reel Models: The Women of Early Film, which aired on American Movie Classics Channel.

McMahan is a documentary filmmaker ( and the head producer for HOMUNCULUS PRODUCTIONS, a company that producers training films, industrials and documentaries. Recent films include the training film was LIVING WITH LANDMINES (2005), (, and industrial and a PSA for Pensamento Digital, an NGO in Brazil that provides computers and internet access to poor communities ( Her latest documentary is BARE HANDS AND WOODEN LIMBS (2006), ( She is currently in production on a feature length documentary, THE EIGHT FACES OF JANE: THE LIFE AND WORK OF JANE CHAMBERS, (

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by Alison McMahan